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Many scars by the great earthquake disaster,
fear of radioactive contamination,
and political distrust...
As far as we can see, this country is full of sense of helplessness and resignation.

Japan is a developed country only by name. Ties among people are hard to find. And it is difficult even to feel happiness in daily life.

However, there are still a lot of fantastic and beautiful things in Japan.
Cameras always teach it to us.

In daily life-
"We take things we see as reality. In fact, however, the question remains whether or not we are seeing or feeling anything."
-Things beautiful in Japan, fun to be had in Japan.
We want to show them to as many people as possible.

And we want to accomplish it through our photos taken by toy cameras, traditional cameras and hand-made cameras, which are not very convenient or practical tools.

"A tiny happiness"
We know it does exist thanks to these cameras and photos they take.
We want to let you find it.

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